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  • Hide and Seek
    G -- Humor -- Well . . . Hide and seek. S'about it. Short and cute. :3
  • First Love
    G -- Humor -- Zim goes ga-ga over a Barbie doll. Kinda . . . spooky, nuh?


  • Quoth the Alien
    PG -- Humor -- An interesting parody of The Raven "Zim Style." ^^
  • The Beggining
    G -- "History" -- A short and to the point history of Irk. ^^ Rather intriguing . . .
  • Cyber Wars
    PG -- Humor/Action -- Dib dons an invicible cybersuit, Zim a giant robot, and GIR some vases. It should be a grand battle.

Cartman's Girl
Aliens Exist
PG -- Humor/Romance

  • Shovels Make Lousy Back Scratchers
    Purple and Red send another Irken to earth, and Dib has his own ideas as to it's arrival."
  • Skool Daze
    Dib has a nightmare, only to wake to a nightmarish world, where aliens plant eggs in your stomach.
  • Horse Heads
    Streaking Dib and decapitation love. What does it all mean?


  • Gaz and Me
    PG -- Romance -- Gaz in love. How sweet! *sniff* And Dib is, in his own pathetic way, protective.


  • Carnival
    G -- Humor -- Mayhem at the carnival. Yup.
  • Fun New Friends
    PG -- Humor -- Two new girls show up at Skool, and they are both very scary . . . can Dib and Zim survive? Oooo.

Gavlas - Site

  • Vex -- see fanart
    PG -- Adventure -- It's snowing in June. Zim seems to know why, but it's not him...

Grand High Idol - Site

Universal Crisis -- PG -- A multi-chaptered Invader Zim/ Eclipse fanfic. Zim, GIR and Dib must join a race of cat-people to save the universe from the Fog-Dogs.

The Vortex -- PG -- Action/Adventure/Mystery -- People are being abducted and replaced by killer robots and its up to Zim, Dib, Gaz, and GIR to save the Earth.

Invader A-Bomb

  • Duplication of Doom
    PG -- Action/Comedy -- Dib gets an idea to clone himself to corner Zim. When Zim finds Dib's (well, actually, it's Professor Membrane's) cloning machine, he clones himself to get even with Dib. The Dibs and the Zims start what looks like World War 3. GIR goes out of the house and finds the cloning machine and clones himself. The rest, you'll just have to find out.
  • Close Encounters of the Zim Kind
    PG -- Humor -- Dib overhears Zim talking about his state of being an alien and gets the whole thing on tape. This spells trouble...or does it?
  • Battle of the Lasers
    PG -- Action/Humor -- Dib starts to think that the only way to defeat Zim is to beat
    him at his own game. So he challenges Zim and everyone else in his class to a game of Laser Tag. This could spell trouble...
  • GIR Gone Bad
    PG-13 -- Action -- After hearing an ice cream truck outside, GIR goes to get some. He starts to malfunction after eating the ice cream. GIR starts wanting to destroy Zim after he fixes GIR. What will happen? Find out...

Invader Krag - Food Courtia!

  • Dib's Vacation
    G -- Action/Comedy -- Professor Membrane has saved up enough time off to take the kids on a trip to Hawaii! Zim is estatic about the break from Dib, however, Dib may have a plan to take his vacation, and Zim too...

Dawn of Terror
PG-13 -- Drama Series -- It's twenty years in the future and Zim has taken over. Poor humanity. A very good series, read it despite how depressing it is. :3

Invader Spooty

Invader Zita


  • Zim's Ironic Plan
    PG -- Humor/ Action -- Zim comes up with an ironic plan. Dib eventually finds out about it and tries to stop him. In the end Dib stops Zim's plan.


    G -- humor/fluff -- G.I.R. decides to make JELL-O and Zim gets very confused.
  • Romance . . . ick
    PG -- Humor/Romance -- A series of stories involving romance and very angry visitors. *tsk*


  • Bus Ride of Doom
    PG-13 (R if you dun like "the F-word") -- Humor -- Zim, Dib and GIR are kicked off the bus in an area of town neither know, and GIR without his chip, what are they to do? A crossover with Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, so if you don't know who that is, please don't plague the author with inqueries to who he is. Go
    here. Veddy funny, read now.


  • The White Flag
    G -- Drama -- Zim realizes the truth about why he was sent to Earth in the first place and it doesn't go over quite well with him.


Sailor Nutbunny


  • Invader Zim Christmas Special
    G -- Humor/Fluff -- It's a Christmas Special in which Zim and GIR try to celebrate the holidays the Earthanoid style, which includes taping lightbulbs to the house, tacking a pair of Zim's boots to the wall, writing a letter to Sharp Claws (you know, the man in red), and eating a feast of Mock Space Spam. And the end is soo kyoot!
  • The Invader Zim Movie!
    G -- Humor -- A rival race of conqueror aliens has attacked Planet Irk! After a failed attempt at getting aid from the Universal Congress (yes, it's a cheap imitation of Star Wars' Galactic Senate), The Tallest must call back all of the Invaders who are off on missions - including Zim! And when Dib and Gaz wind up stowing away on his Voot Cruiser, you just know there's gonna be MADNESS!! And who are the two crazy Earth girls who seem to pop up in odd places for a quick laugh? You'll just have to wait and find out!


  • Significant Other
    PG -- Humor -- Zim screws up Dib's life in ways he never dreamed of when Dib's girlfriend asks the big question: "Is there someone else?"

Spectra651 - site
Dib in Wonderland
G -- Parody/Humor --After chasing a certain, rabbit-eared alien down a hole, Dib finds himself in a strange world populated by some oddly familiar characters and a whole lot of insanity.

Dark Future
PG -- Drama Series -- The first dark, futuristic fanfic I saw out there, and it's very good. ^^ And dark. Can't forget that.



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