'Ello! Welcome to my first fanfic, starring Dib! It's so dramatic and corny and depressing! :D Feel free to flame me!
Part One: Desperation
"You laugh at me because I'm different.
I laugh at you because you're all the same."
    Silence. Rain sprinkled through the forest canopy, dripping off the tall pines. Then, a young man with a panicked look on his face came crashing through the brush, panting heavily. The branches ripped out at him, as he ran past, black trench coat billowing behind him. A few moments passed, and then a group of uniformed soldiers tore after him, followed by a pack of dogs. The young man, Dib, looked desperately behind him, eyes widened in fear. Seeing his pursuers gaining on him, he forced himself to go faster, willing his sore legs on. Rain poured through the trees, and drops of water speckled his glasses. He raced on. He could not give in. He heard dogs barking furiously after him, soldiers yelling, which made him run even faster. The trees were thinning out, he was reaching the edge of the small wood. He was nearing an open field.
    "Oooooh, no!" he exclaimed in desperation. A huge chain link fence separated the forest and the field ahead. Above the fence were coils of razored wire, the type prisons used to use. He paused at the fence that separated him, and freedom. He looked behind him, at the approaching soldiers and attack dogs. He looked up at the shining wire. Not even thinking, relying on his animal instinct, Dib climbed the chain link fence. Using his last burst of energy, he pushed himself through the coils of razors, holding in an agonizing scream. Then, he dropped down onto the other side, bleeding, scratched all over, and clothes torn. He looked back at the furious faces of the soldiers, the vicious barking dogs. But he was free. Get going, remember, they have guns! And so, Dib took off, his destination unknown. All he had to do was run and hide.

    The year was unknown to most. To most, it didn't matter. They were all slaves anyways, toiling away, oblivious to how they were being manipulated. They lived to serve Invader Zim. The humans were born to love Zim. He protected them from the radicals, such as Dib. He gave them food, clothing and shelter. The humans didn't know it, but the trusting humans were being completely taken advantage of. They worked, slowly stripping the Earth of it's resources, in return for the illusion of freedom and safety. Dib cursed his race for their ignorance.
    He sat down, scooping up a handful of water from a stream, and putting it to his lips. It was probably polluted, but what did it matter now? Everything he ever dreamed for, was one giant, hopeless tangle. That led up to Zim. Zim, he was probably sitting on his throne, commanding his soldiers, hunting poor Dib down with the utmost glee. Dib didn't know how right he was.

    "GIR! Gir, report!" Zim yelled.
    "Yes, sir! The fugitive has escaped. Can I have my dime now?"
    "Escaped!? Are you sure, Gir?"
    "Yessir! But, you promised me a dime if I reported back to you!" the little robot said, it's artificial eyes gleaming with hope.
    "Fine.." Zim muttered. He tossed the useless piece of metal to Gir, who caught it and squealed with joy. Zim just kept Gir around for company. As much as he'd like to, Zim couldn't bring himself to scrapping the robot who had been with him from the beginning. He pressed a button on his throne.
    "Captain? Captain? Send me in the prisoner, B574? Thank you."
    He waited patiently, tapping his gloved hands on the armrest. A few minutes later, two soldier came in, and threw a women before Zim's throne. She was in her twenties, with dark purple hair. She wore a torn and baggy prison uniform, and hit the floor with a sickening thud, and struggled to stand up with handcuffs on.
    "You are at the mercy of Zim the Invader. Speak up foul beast, where is Dib? Where is he headed? Face me, human!"
    Gaz stood up, a fierce burning in her eyes. "Why should I tell you!? You made me a prisoner! After all I've done for you.."
    "Because, ignorant fleshed one, with one word I can order your destruction. Tell me." Zim said dramatically, his watermelon colored eyes lowered down at her, he held up a claw-like fist.
    "N-no." She retorted shakily.
    "You know, Gaz. There's rewards for loyalty. How would you like to be Captain? You're not so thick-headed as the rest. Tell me, and you're free."
    Gaz considered it. She still couldn't believe Zim threw her into prison. After growing up together, after the prom together. But maybe, things would be different when she was free. Maybe he'd remember those times. "He..he said he'd be going to the city. Our town." It wasn't hard to betray her brother, he was always so cruel, so conceited.
    "I hope for your sake you're not lying..you there! Soldier! Remove her handcuffs! Dib will be at the mercy of my doom, at last!" he said, cackling.
    Dib awoke from his nap near the meadow. He stood up, weary and exhausted. Tired of fighting. Tired, tired, tired. He wondered how much of his small Resisitance was left. Five? Three? Or was he the last one? At first there had been so many, so many believers. But things changed. You couldn't trust anyone. Several of the Resistance had been captured, their own peers, had turned them in. And everyone knew the punishment for resisiting. They were a dying breed, and few remained. Okay, enough wallowing in self-pity, he thought. Dib took out a tube of Neosporin, and began tending to the myriad of red slices that contrasted against his pale skin. He sat there for awhile until he was done, in the end using up twenty Band-aids, and that was only on the deepest cuts.
    He sheilded his eyes against the morning sun, and looked towards the horizon. Yes, he could make out the tops of buildings, beyond another forest. He checked his belongings: Gun, money, fake ID. Perfect. He was ready.
    Gaz stepped out into the world, in her new uniform. Loyalty did have it's rewards. She was like a new person, out of her baggy orange prison outfit and into a black, powerful-looking military uniform. While this wasn't exactly her choice of a career, anything was better than sleeping on concrete. Gaz stepped in front of Zim's throne and gave a forced and stiff bow.
    "Excellent, Captain Gaz! Now, I'm giving you a wonderful oppertunity to prove your worthiness to the Irken Empire. Your brother. Small and worthless as he is, he's still a minor threat. See to his capture, bring him back to me, alive if possible. You say he's in his hometown? Yes...yes..so do you accept?" Zim asked vehemently.
    "..yes." Gaz replied. She wished more than anything to be left alone, to do what she wanted. To just waste the day away by herself playing her games. But the games were real now. And it was this, or nothing.
    That night, Gaz flew to her hometown with a couple soldiers. There, they would wait for the unwitting Dib to stumble blindly into their trap. It was almost too simple.
    Dib looked around at the old town. A cold breeze swept around him, making him pull his coat closer. Where to now? His old house. He walked along the eerily empty streets, everyone was working or at school. His old black boots tapped quietly up his old driveway, he ran a hand across his house's wall, remembering. Holding his breath, he opened the door. The house was still and silent. Shadows touched the undisturbed corners. Sighing, Dib walked up the stairs to his old room. Where was it? He had to remember now. It was so long ago. He hoped his memory didn't lie. Dib looked under his matress, and there it was! A manilla folder. Happy but weary, he walked down the stairs, aching all over.
    Gaz cocked her gun. "I wouldn't move, if I were you." she said smoothly.
    Dib's mouth hung open in suprise. He..he was caught. After all these years, after all the hard work. He searched for words. "W-what is this?" he stuttered. At first, he didn't recognize his sister. After a few akward moments at gunpoint, he squinted his eyes and looked hard. Was that who he thought it was? It couldn't be. He stared dumbly, like a cornered animal. "Gaz? Is that you? Oh thank God, you've come to help me?" he said hopefully.
    Silence. Gaz held her gun steady, behind her several soldiers stood, just in case. "Come on, Dib. You couldn't run forever."
    Dib looked at her in a mix of disgust, horror and hatred. "You're with Zim now? You work for him?" He searched for words. "I..I..how could you!?" He didn't mean to say it. It just exploded out. All his work..his life..he couldn't be captured. Gaz glared angerly, obviously not pleased.
    "Do you really want to go with a fight Dib?" she said slowly. How dare he.
    In a blur, Dib whipped out his concealed hand gun, and held it foolishly at Gaz's chest. It was a hopeless situation. But he would not let himself become Zim's slave no matter what the cost. Together they stood, neither one daring to move. Gaz was sick of it. Dib was always so cocky, so self-rightoues. She'd end this. She aimed her gun, and shot.
    She got her mark. The bullet hit Dib's gun, knocking it out of his hands, leaving him unharmed. All those years playing video games payed off. The other soldiers closed in on Dib, who pressed himself against the wall helplessly, an empty look in his eyes. He was shoved on the floor, and handcuffs were put tightly around his wrists. He didn't bother fighting back, it was lost already. They marched him out of the house, he didn't dare look at anyone. He kept his eyes on the ground, and sped up when they kicked at him. He was on his way to face Zim.