Duplication of Doom

by Invader A-Bomb

(setting: Dib's house)

Dib: There must be a way to prove to the Earth that Zim's an alien, but how?

Gaz: Here's an idea. Go jump off a bridge.

Dib: I've got it! I'll use Dad's cloning machine to create more of myself so
I can corner Zim and then I can use my newly upgraded alien linkups. (to

Gaz: I still like my idea better.

(Dib goes to find Professor Membrane's cloning machine)

Dib: Eureka!!

(cloning machine zaps, 50 Dibs pop out)

Dib1: Okay clones, here's the deal. I need your help to help me corner this
alien named Zim. No one believes he's an alien because of his disguise, but
I know the truth. I just have to prove it. You guys corner him and I'll use
these alien linkups to reveal his true from. Got it?

Dibs (together): Got it!

(camera flips to Zim's house, where Zim overhears the noise)

Zim: GIR!

GIR: (seriously) Yes master?

Zim: What is that noise outside?

GIR: (normally) I don't know. Maybe it's the Scary Monkey Show!

Zim: No, it's not that. It sounds like...Dib!! I'd better go investigate.

GIR: But master, Dib is your enemy!

Zim: I'm well aware of that, GIR. But that noise is driving me crazy!!! GIR,
guard the house.

GIR: (seriously) Yes sir!

(camera flips over to the streets of Earth, where the 50 Dibs are marching
over to Zim's house)

Dib1: You see him, clones?

Dib2: No sight of the alien, Dib.

Dib3: There he is! Zim at 11:00!

Zim: Wait a minute! Am I seeing things? Are there 50 Dibs?

Dibs (together): Hey alien!

Zim: AAAHHHHHH! He must have used some kind of clone-making...thing to
create copies of himself!

(Zim slips past the Dibs to Dib's house and finds the cloning machine)

Zim: What's that? Oh well, might as well see what that...thing does.

(cloning machine zaps, 50 Zims pop out)

Zim1: Okay, here's the deal. There's this guy in a trenchcoat named Dib who
wants to prove that I'm an alien. So I need your help to rid the Earth of
him so I can take over this sad planet. Got it?

Zims (together): Got it!

(Zims march out, the Dibs overhear)

Dib2: What was that?

Dib1: It's coming from my house! Onward, clones!

Zim1: Hey Dib!

Dib1: Zim! You found the cloning machine?

Zim2: Yes I did, miserable human.

Dib1 and Zim1 together: Clones, ATTACK!!!!

(Dibs and Zims battle it out, camera flips over to Zim's house, where GIR is
watching the Scary Monkey Show)

GIR: I love this show. Hey, I wonder where master is. He's been gone a long

(GIR finds Dib's cloning machine)

GIR: Oh, pretty box!

(cloning machine zaps, 50 GIRs pop out)

GIR1: Hi!

GIRs (together): HI!

(camera flips back to the battlefield)

Dib1: I'll defeat you this time, Zim!

Zim1: You wish, puny earthanoid!

GIRs (together): We're gonna sing the Doom Song now. Doom doom doom doom
doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom
doom doom doom...

(6 months later)

GIR1: Let's go get a chocolate bubblegum slush-o.

GIRs (together): 'Kay!

(camera flips over to the slusho shop)

GIR1: We'd like 50 chocolate bubblegum slushos please.

Vendor: That'll be $207.28 please.

GIR2: Here.

Vendor: Thank you.

GIR1: Let's go over to my house! We can watch the Scary Monkey Show!

GIRs (together): YAY!!!!!

(camera flips back to the battlefield)

Zim1: Just give it up, Dibs. We've already destroyed the whole city.

Dib1: Isn't this part of your invasion, Zim?

Zim1: (to himself) Oh yeah. (snickers)

Gaz: Wake up, moron. We'll be late for school.

Dib: Oh, it was just a dream. But that gives me an idea...