New Feelings

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"Ok class walk out SINGLE FILE!" Ms. Bitters yelled as the kids ran out of the school bus.  It was that time of the school year again. Yep! It's a field trip! Today the class was going to the nature park to learn about... well what else? Nature!

"I don't believe I HAD to come here" Zim scowled as he was about to get off the bus.
"Hey watch it!" Another kid yelled.  Zim turned around to see it was Dib, but before he could do anything Dib accidentally fell forward and pushed Zim.  They both landed on opposite sides facing each other, while stuck in between the door opening.  Both of them stopped for a moment then realized what happened.

"Hey get out of my way ALIEN SCUM!" Dib yelled as he struggled to free him self from the position.
"HA! You got noooooo proof, NO PROOF AT ALL HAHA!" Zim yelled back.  Dib scowled and walked off towards the group.

"Why did I do that again?! Every time I see him I just HAVE to insult him!" Dib thought as he caught up to the group.

Zim finally caught up to the class and stood listening to Ms. Bitters.

"Ok class! Everyone pick a partner so you don't get lost.... NOW!"  She informed them.

All the kids instantly choose their best friends, Zim and Dib not being picked.

"Zim, Dib! You two will work together!" Ms. Bitters commanded them.

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"Ok don't insult him, don't...."  Dib thought but....
"Ugh, I don't believe I have to be partners with you......" Dib told Zim "D'oh!" he thought.

"Hey this isn't going to be fun for ME neither!" Zim said back, still something was telling him it would be.

"Ok class! You will now go on a scavenger hunt! The 1st group to find all this stuff... on the list will get.... NOTHING! For your doomed lives....." Ms. Bitters told the class as she handed out the papers.

Zim found himself staring at Dib "Why does he look so tense? Oh, I wonder what's troubling him, still he looks kind cute.... er-- I mean horrible! His head is big and.........." Zim thinks as he continues to stare at Dib.

Dib sees this and looks at him, Zim looks away embarrassed.   "Ok class, this is a map of the park, DON'T LOSE IT! Or you'll be DOOMED to roam the forest forever! DOOMED!!!!" Ms. Bitters explained as she hands out the maps. "Ok kids, BEGIN!" She yells.

Zim and Dib remained silent throughout the hike, though their thoughts were not....

"I wish I could at least say something nice to him like ummmm..... 'I like your backpack' No! That's to stupid! or um.... Ugh um....... ok well I'll just try to say his backpack is nice or something even though it's gonna sound reeeeeally stupid"  Dib turned head to look at Zim,  "Um, Zim?"

"Yea?" He replied suspiciously.
"I-um, like- I like-your-um" Dib started.
"Spit it out, gosh!" Zim yelled back.
"I um like your um.... backpack!" Dib shouted.
"Yea..... really, that's nice" Zim replied surprisingly.  "Was that a complement" Zim thought "Or am I just dreaming?!"

They then arrived at the waterfall....

"Epp!" Zim yelled as he saw the massive water falling down.
"Oh.... what's the matter Zim, afraid of a little water?" Dib smirked.
"N-no! Of course not-- yea......" Zim hung his head in shame as to be defeated.
"Aw..... fine I'll get the stuff for the hunt, you just stay here" Dib told Zim.
"Your not gonna try to push me in or anything?!" Zim said surprised.
"Um uhhh" Dib started.
"So you are!" Zim yelled.
"I wasn't going to!"
"Yes you were!"
While arguing they moved closer to the waterfall...
"I NEVER SAID I WAS!!" Dib shouted.
"Well, you probably was going to!!!!!" Zim yelled back.
Dib stood up on a rock, "DID I SAY I WAS????!!!!!! NO!!!!!!! --Ah!" Dib started to trip on the rock he was standing on, "AHHHHHH!" Dib fell back into the water right under the waterfall!
"DIB!" Zim yelled.   He watched helplessly as Dib struggled to stay afloat, Zim didn't want to see Dib get hurt.... But Zim couldn't he would burn up right away.... Dib sank under the water "DIB!   Well.... here goes nothing...." Zim said to himself as he dived into the water.

He started to burn, but Zim didn't stop, he looked all around to find Dib, until he found him with his coat stuck under a rock.  He started to burn furiously, Zim screeched in pain as he tried to free Dib from the rock.  After a couple seconds of struggling he brought him up to the surface.  Almost fainting Zim laid Dib down on the grass.  Zim's skin was bubbled and he was almost out of breath.
"Come on Dib...breathe!" Zim yelled to the unconscious Dib.  Zim heard of a thing called CPR when GIR was watching TV, it showed the different steps to do it and when to.  Zim decided this was a time to use it (DUH! :) Zim pushed Dib's chest a few times, held Dib's nose...... and placed his mouth on Dib's.  "This isn't so bad" Zim thought as he continued the progress.
"ACK!" Dib woke up seeing Zim was about to 'kiss' him. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"
"FOR YOUR INFO! I'm saving you!" Zim yelled back.
"Huh?! Why are you all blistered?! Y-you saved me from the water, didn't you?" Dib asked Zim.
"It's like I said" Zim replied.
"Why?" Dib asked.
"What do you mean?"
"Well, since your kinda my rival, why would you want to save me, and you being an alien who wants to rain doom on planet earth?"
"Well.... um--" Zim was tongue tied. "Um well I just didn't want to um... actually SEE someone die, er you know"
"Yea, OK..."
"Well we better get going, if what to at least FINISH this stupid hunt" Zim inserted.
"Um... OK, lets go" Dib slightly grinned to himself as they walked of into the distance.


 Zim was a little better from the water, his blisters were gone, but it hurt him like heck.
"SHOT!" Dib yelled.
"What?!" Zim asked.
"I left the map at the waterfall!!!" Dib told Zim.
"Oh great! Now what, genius?!" Zim scowled.
"I have no idea, what about YOU?!" Dib yelled back.
"Seesh! Don't look at me, I'M not the one that left the map behind!" Zim scolded.
Just then a bolt of lightning flashed and thunder rolled  off in the distance.
"Epp!!!!" Zim cowered behind Dib.
"Oh no.... now we can't go anywhere cause of your little 'water thing'" Dib explained.
"Yea well... I saved you!" Zim reminded.
"Oh yea?! Well-- er nevermind, lets just find a place to stay for the night" Dib told Zim.
"WHAT?!? We're gonna stay ALL night?!"
"Well yea unless you wanna find your way in the rain!"
"Ohhhh fine!" Zim agreed.

They found a place where two trees grew next to each other and creating a prefect place to build a shelter.
"Ok, lets get to it" Dib said.
"What?" Zim ask.
"To build a shelter, to get ot of the rain, duh!" Dib explained.
"Ok, fine....." Zim pitched in and after about 30 minutes they were done.  They had placed sticks around the edges and on the top placed leaves and branches.
"Hey not bad" Dib told Zim.
"It's OK..." Zim answered. A bolt of lightning flashed and it started to rain a bit. "AH!" Zim started to burn.
"Quickly, get in!" Dib and Zim dived into the shelter, but it was kind of small for them so they were squished together.  Seeing this Zim blushed, until his face was bright red, he looked over into a puddle to see his faced was red.
"AH! My face is red!" Zim yelled scared.
Dib laughed "Your just blushing, it's when your embarrassed or when your in-- er...." Dib started but stopped himself.
"In what?" Zim asked "In a house, in a coma, in doom?!" Zim asked.
"" Dib hesitated, he was worried that Zim would find out how he felt about him.
"IN WHAT?!" Zim asking frustrated now.
"IN LOVE!" Dib yelled at the top of his lungs.
"O-oh" Zim looked down and thought "Could I be in love?"
There was an uncomterble silence for about five minutes until Dib finally broke it.
"Well we better get to sleep..." Dib suggested.
"Yea, g-goodnight" Zim replied.
"Goodnight" Dib whispered and laid down. Then, back to back, they started to sleep.


In the morning Dib awoke to find himself staring at Zim, who was fast asleep, and had his arm around him. Dib was embarrassed at first but was sorta glad Zim wasn't awake to see it.  Dib stared at Zim for a while, watching him sleep.  "He's so cute when he sleeps" Dib thought "I know I really shouldn't like other boys but, I just love Zim!" Dib thought to himself.  Ever since he saw Zim he had loved him, thinking it would cover up his feelings, Dib pretended to chase after Zim to prove he was an alien, but in reality he truly loved him.

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"I need to tell him soon, or I'll just live a life of denial.... I'll do it" Dib thought determined to reveal his true feelings to Zim.

Zim finally awoke to see Dib staring at him.
"Um er-- Good morning" Dib told Zim.
"Yea, same to you..." Zim wasn't really a morning person (er alien, whatever! ^^;;  )
"Um, Zim, I kinda need to tell you something" Dib started.
"Yea ok, but make it quick, cause we gotta find our way back soon!" Zim reminded Dib.
"Ok well... I realized something from this trip" Dib told Zim.
"Yea, what?" Zim asked.
"Well I know that, on earth, well boys are suppost to like girls.... I don't know what it is on your planet but that's what it's like here" Dib explained.
"Yes, I know, same for us...." Zim kinda wished it was different.
"But sometimes, other boys can like boys or girls can like girls so..." Dib started.
"Um.. er-- yea, I know it could happen on my planet" Zim said thinking about Purple and Red.
"Yea well, I'm kinda like that, and I have to tell you this because, well, I--I love you" Dib admitted.
Zim was speechless, he didn't know why but he slowly leaned over to Dib and kissed him gently on the lips.
After the kiss, Dib blushed furiously.
"I feel the same way Dib, and I didn't want to realize it, but now, I do, and I love you too" Zim replied smiling.
They hugged and leaned in to kiss again when....
"ZIM, DIB?????!!!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU BRATS???!!!!!" Ms. Bitters called.
Zim and Dib sighed as their moment was ruined but smiled at each other anyway.  Ms. Bitters pulled them out from the shelter "WHERE WERE YOU FOOLS?!?! I thought I told you to use the map!!!!!!"
"Um, sorry Ms. Bitters, we kinda got lost" Dib replied.
"Oh fine, I won't give you detention but you'll be sure to get it next time!!" Ms. Bitters warned them.
"O-OK Ms. Bitters, we understand" Zim repiled.
"Fine lets get you on the bus.... The whole class had to wait all night for me to find you!"
Ms. Bitters draged them to the bus and shoved them in. Zim and Dib sat next to each other.
"I love you" Zim whispered.
"I love you too" Dib answered.
And they both fell asleep on the ride home, leaning on each other.


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