Agent MothMan
Dib of the Swollen Eyeball Society

by Invader Zita

“Agent MothMan,” said a shadowy figure on Dib's laptop screen. “We decided to give you one more chance to show us your finding on this ‘Alien’. Bring it in 8:00 tonight. If you do not come, we will suspend you from the next meeting of the society.” “I will come,” Dib assured him, “Don’t worry.” “You’d better show, MothMan. You have three hours. Good Luck.” With that the shadowy figure disappeared from the view of the screen. “I can’t mess this one up. Zim’s true form will be revealed.” Dib told himself. “Gaz! I am going to the Swollen Eyeball society. If I don’t come back by 10:00, call this number and tell them ‘The Mothmans caught in the Spiders Web’ They’ll know what you mean.” Dib told his sister. “Whatever. Don’t bug me. I’m in the Zone.” Gaz told her brother not looking up from her GameSlave. “I’m getting soda now. You better be gone by the time I get back from the kitchen OR ELSE!” Gaz screamed. She paused her GameSlave and was out of the room for a brief moment. When she returned Dib still stood there. Dib ran out the door and headed down his street. He was determined to get there in time, but instead he took the longer way to pass Zims house. “ ‘I love Earth?’ Who does he think he’s kidding?” Said Dib sneaking toward Zim’s house. “HI!” yelled Gir happily. “Um..Hi?” Dib said confused. “Hi little Robot. You know Zim? Can you take me to his lab?” Dib finally gathered his courage. “What’s your name?” Gir asked. “My name is Dib.” Dib told Gir. “Master said ‘Dib is not allowed.’” Gir danced. “Then my name is uh, Frank, Zim’s teacher.” Dib closed his eye’s, knowing the robot probably knew he was lying. “Ohhh, Ok. Follow me!” Gir said joyfully. “Er, Ok.” Dib said stunned and surprised. They entered the house and walked toward the kitchen. Gir lead Dib down the toilet. “GIR!” Zim yelled. Gir popped out of the tube that led toward the lab and Dib followed. It was nine. Dib had one hour to take a photo of Zim and flee to his meeting. “FLASH!” His camera flashed like lightening and Zim was shocked by the light. So shocked in fact, that he fainted. Dib took the risk of Zim waking up before he reached The Society. Zim was in a huge pink bubble. “Only two Blocks,” whispered Dib careful not to awaken Zim. “Wha-What? Were am I?” Zim stretched. “Oh, NO!” Dib had made it to the society!

Dib dragged Zim inside. “Oh, I’m five minutes early. No one is here yet.” Dib said looking at his watch. “Well, I’ll just give them my card and then you will be done for ZIM!” Dib was very proud. He saved earth. Or did he danger it more? Dib slipped his access card into the slot and the two large doors opened. He set Zim down on the stage and rushed away. “I have to use the bathroom Zim. I’ll be back to torture you in your final seconds of secrecy.” Taunted Dib and he walked along his merry way. When he was out of sight, Zim took out an electronic from his backpack. “GIR! Please help me! Come to Five-thistle Street! You must save me.” Zim yelled into the Microphone. “Ok, Master.” Gir said in an eccentric tone.  A few moments later Gir ran through the doors and Walked toward Zim. “Oh! Bouncy!” And he bounced on Zims Pink bubble. It snapped and Dib ran after them as Zim and Gir rode off home with Girs jet packs. Dib chased them but they were gone. “Agent Mothman,” said the shadowy figure from the Lap top. “I am sorry. Zim, The Alien, escaped. But I do have a photo.” Dib told the mysterious man. Dib reached to his pocket but his photo was gone. “I cannot find it. I am really sorry.” Said Dib, and the figure said, “We saw him ride out. So you won’t be suspended. We found our proof.” Dib smiled and said, “The Earth is safe again! But for how long?”