The Beginning
By Cari
Note from author: There will be several probably unwanted but necessary AI characters ahead. I’m just trying to shape the Irken empire in this story, so you won’t see Zim, Dib, Gaz etc. Read it anyway, or I’ll set the scary monkey on you.
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Before the Irken empire was what it is today, Irk was in total anarchy. It had several leaders, some short, some tall, each with their own views and opinions, always trying to overthrow each other. So much money was used on warfare that hardly any money was going to the people of Irk. After several years of this, many Irkens set up a rebellion against their leaders. Others followed the various leaders, while still others fought to bring all of Irk under their control. Two very tall leaders, a male named Turk and a female named Bazel, became allies in the Irken War, as they shared the same belief: There should be but one Irken who leads all of Irk, and that Irken must be set apart from other Irkens somehow. Turk and Bazel were good but rather conceited leaders. They couldn’t help but notice how no one was quite as tall as they. That’s when it came to them: The chosen leader must be taller than any other Irken.

Several more years later Bazel, after killing Turk, became the esteemed leader of Irk, although many still opposed her. To gain total control, those rebel groups had to go, or at least their “flawed beliefs”(as [what was by then known as] the Tallest put it.) But where did these flaws lie, in personal view or upbringing? Forced to take a wild guess, the Tallest chose ‘upbringing’. Therefore, Bazel eventually decided to create Irken babies in laboratories, using robots to mother the new Irkens in order to avoid new rebels. The rebel groups, outraged by the decision, then attacked the empire only to be flattened by the Tallest’s forces. Thus Irk began its new order.