Aliens Exist

Chapter 3: Horse Head Fun

By: Cartman’s Girl

After searching through his locker, Zim found a spare pair of contacts. He placed them on, and closed the locker door to find Cten stood nearby. He looked at her, and raised an eyebrow.

"Cten, could I ask you something?" Zim asked slyly,

"Yeah sure." Cten replied simply.

"Why did you do that lip thing with Dib?" Zim asked, walking up to her.

"Well… you said, to divert his attention. So I did! It got him out the room after tho! Last I saw of him, he was running and screaming about eggs or something." Cten replied, smiling happily.

"…oh. Well come, now it’s play time, or Recess."

Zim lead Cten through the hallways, and pass the boys toilets. Pan into the boys toilets, and it’s one of those kinda toilets where it has some stalls, and where a stall is, instead of a toilet is a shower. We see Dib’s clothing on the ground, his black trench coat, black boots, black slacks, blue shirt and probably underwear, can’t see any. Dib’s voice echoes on the tiled room as he talks to himself.

"…I can’t believe that! My first kiss and it’s from a disgusting alien! I swear I tasted something wrong in her mouth or something… but why’d she do that anyway? Maybe I am carrying eggs now in my chest, and they’ll burst through my chest in the middle of class one day! …dude that’d be freaked."

Unknown to Dib, Torque Spackey then entered the boys rooms. He looked at the pile of clothing on the ground, and he heard Dib’s voice talking about pregnancy or something. He grinned evilly, snuck up and grabbed the clothing, and dashed from the room, not realising, he had left his weight behind.


"And this is where we play tetherball, be sure not to be hit in the head with that. Over there, is the dodge ball area. Causes pain to miserable earthlings when you hit em hard enough." Zim was giving Cten a grand tour of the school, and he pointed to some children.

"There, are the popular children. Over there, is the unpopular children. And here are the mix beanie bag of children. They’re kinda popular yet not."

"Hey guys! I got Dib’s clothing!" Torque’s voice suddenly rang out triumphantly as Zim and Cten had sat down at a bench, Gaz sat nearby with her Game Slave, as usual. Some kids laughed and jeered, one asked how he got it.

"The little freak was talking about being pregnant to an alien, so I got his clothes." Torque declared triumphantly. This was greeted by laughter of the children, and Zim rolled his contacted eyes.

"I’ll never know why humans are so embarrassed about being clothe less." Zim muttered to himself.

Cten shrugged to herself, and pulled the remains of a Meatmonger from her backpack and was about to bite into it when Dib’s voice suddenly yelled out from across the yard.

"GIVE ME BACK MY CLOTHES, TORQUE!!" Cten looked over, and she saw the very reason why humans are so shy about being nude!

Then Dib, more choking on rage to care about that the only clothing he was wearing was his glasses, if you count them as clothes, he started running across the yard right at Torque, using the weight like a weapon. Torque burst into laughter, and ran off, Dib giving chase.

Gaz saw Torque race past her, followed by her very very nude brother. Needless to say, Gas was shocked, so shocked she dropped her GameSlave without saving her place, and her eyes bulged out of her head.

"Ooh my God…"

Cten’s eyes were pretty much the same as she watched Dib run out of sight.

"Holy Irk!" she declared, and Zim just made an ‘ew’ sound.


"Your not allowed back in skool for a WEEK? Dib! What on Earth got into that large head of yours?"

Dib had arrived home earlier then usual, his black hair wet and sticking to his face. His father was oddly home at this time, and was reading the letter that had accompanied him.

"But Dad, I-" Dib started, but was cut short by his Father.

"Streaking?! Dib this isn’t like you at all! Go to your room and if you come out before I say, the robots will gorge you. Go!"

Dib slumped his shoulders, why did he expect his Father to listen to him now anyway? He frowned and stormed from the room, up the stairs and entered his room. He slammed the door shut and sat on his bed. He frowned.

"It was all a sick plot, I know it! Get me in the shower, Torque steals my clothes, have me confined to my room for a week so they can plan global conquest!" Dib shock his fists and pounded at his pillow angrily. "These aliens have ruined my life! I am SO going to get them for this… specially…"

Dib’s voice trailed off, and he looked at a photo that hung on the wall, almost hidden by all the posters, he hopped off his bed and walked over to it, and moved a poster which shown an alien autopsy.

The photo is of a woman, in a hospital bed holding a baby in her arms, smiling at the camera.

"…you know Mom, even though they held that Funeral, I know you’re still out there." He smiled slightly, but covered it back up and slumped back onto his bed, looking out the window.

"….lets hope I’m not carrying eggs…"


"So that’s what humans look like… urgghh… I feel sick again." Zim put his gloves to his hands, and ran from the room. The two had finally arrived home from skool, and it seemed neither of them could get the image of Dib running nude through the skool grounds.

Cten took her wig and hat off, and placed them on a rack. She then ripped the shirt and skirt off, to reveal her normal Irken clothing underneath. She throws them to the floor, and climbs up onto the couch, listening to the sounds of Zim hurling in the back ground.

"Good evening Ma’am!" BEK’s sudden appearance made Cten jump in surprise, she turned to see BEK in her cat costume, with a ball of red yarn under one arm.

"Oh… evening…" Cten replied, resting her head on the arm rest.

"What is wrong Ma’am? My sensors are picking up distress of some sort." BEK removed the cat head, and it hangs behind her like a hood.

"BEK…. Have you seen any ugly monsters while you’ve been patrolling this town?" Cten had gotten an idea, a very good idea, well, for an Irken that is.

"Hmmm… me ‘n GIR went for a trot around and we saw these really weird things, I think a human larva called it a horse, and-" BEK began, but then felt her Mistress pick her up and shove the hood back over her head.

"Good! Take me to where these horses are!" Cten headed for the door, put back on her wig, hat and skirt with shirt and headed out the door with BEK.

Then GIR enters the room with two caramel rat sticks, he looks around the room.

"…yay! More for me!" and with that, he shoved the two into his mouth.

"Oh Irken… I just chucked down into my lab!" Zim’s voice came from the kitchen, GIR turned to face the kitchen.

"YAY! I’m gonna be sick too!" and he ran into the kitchen to join Zim,



"Ah, so that’s a horse…"

Cten and BEK were at a race track, you know, for snooty children to bring their horses for training and all that. They watch a black mare trotting around the track with a blonde haired girl sat on the saddle, looking very snooty indeed. She stops the horse and looks at the, as they appear to her, little girl and her cat besides her.

"What are you doing here?" she asked, even her voice sounded snobbish.

"Uh… just, observing." Cten replied, BEK moving to her side.

"Well you shouldn’t be here! This is private property! Be gone before I sick the guard dogs on you!" the girl turned to her horse, patted it’s neck and then it trotted off. Cten watched her leave, and her eyes narrowed.

"Hope you like your horse, snobbish one…. You won’t be seeing all of it soon…."

Cten then burst into hysterical laughter, holding where her tummy would while she laughs. Her wig almost falls off, but she puts her hand on her head and stops laughing, and smooths her bow out.

"Ahem. Let’s move."

She grabbed BEK around the waist, and the long legs shoot out of her backpack, and she races off out of sight.


The evening soon melted into night time, outside the Membrane household, a skinny figure, held above the ground by thin legs raced across the street, and leapt into the air, landing on a window pane. The figure, carrying something in a bag lept from window to window, gazing in. Finally it stopped, and a snicker was heard.

A long leg opened the window, and the legs remained outside and the tiny body was carried in, after a moments pause, the body left the window, and the legs carrying the body again vanished into the night.

Course, the figure tripped over a garbage can before it could make it’s full escape, cursing, it limped off now with a broken leg.

The sun soon rose, in which direction I forget, and shards of light burst into Dib’s bedroom. He was on his bed, his hair all trussed and messy-like. His eyes slowly opened, but he rolled over onto his side, and his leg hit something. He opened his eyes.

His leg touched the thing again, it didn’t feel like a pillow at all… he sat up quickly and put his glasses on, and he now sees the lump that is hidden under his blanket. His shaky hand slowly reaches for the blankets and whips the blanket off.

To Dib’s sheer horror, there, laid on his bed was a head. A head of a black horse, blood dripping onto his floor and it’s blank, brown eyes staring right at him. Dib did the most humane thing.


His scream set off a lot of car alarms as well by the way.


"In local news, a prize winning mare was found decapitated at Pine Hallow this morning. There is no sign of any break ins, well, except for a large smouldering hole in the wall."

The TV droned on, morning TV was always boring to GIR. He picked up the flicker and began searching for a better show. A quick viewing of the TV saw the head of Stan Marsh flash by, followed by Johnny the Homicidal Maniac welding a power-tool, then the Teletubbies being drunk, and finally some girl shaking her hips.

"Booo." GIR claimed, and handed the remote to BEK who was sat besides him, and he ran off. BEK looked at the remote, and put it down and walked into the kitchen. The remote, as she placed it down, clicked back to the news.

"…and in totally unrelated news, a mares head was found in the bed of local boy Dib Membrane."

Hearing Dib’s name, Cten raced into the room and sat directly in front of the TV. Dib’s face appeared in the top hand corner of the screen, and he looks very much disturbed.

"The boy had recently been expelled from school for a week, over a streaking event. This is what he had to say."

The image grew to over take the screen, Cten’s smile softened and she sighed heavily.

"I.. I, I have NO idea.. maybe, maybe the aliens put it there! They’re out to get me you know?? There’s two now! TWO! They’re here to breed I tells ya, they’re out to get me cause I know! Hey wait, what’s that-"

Dib was cut off by Gaz dragging him off to school.

Cten blinked, and smiled.

"He mentioned me in the news! Well, at least he knows how handsome he is now, compared to that **ugly** horse thing…" Cten stood up, and Zim entered the room, already in his disguise.

"Come Cten! Today we’re heading into town to observe how these humans prepare for Valentines, and what we can learn from it." Zim exclaimed as he fixed his wig.

"Yes Zim." Cten replied, turning off the TV and walked from the room, BEK following her.

"Ma’am, did your plan to have Dib realise your love for him work?" BEK asked, pulling on her cat costume.

"I don’t think so BEK…" Cten replied sadly, "Maybe now I’ll have to show it in other ways. Like the biting ritual, or the stabbing with pointy objects!"

"Maybe that’d work!" BEK replied, "Myself and GIR saw on a late show called Jerry Springer that these people loved being hurt, especially by the ones they loved."

"Good then! Next time I meet him, I’ll be sure to have a pointy object with me!"

To be continued yet again!

What will the two aliens and SIRs get up to in town? Wait and see!





Now here is some artwork, done by yours truly based on this story. I’d really appreciate people drawing Cten, or any other scene from this fanfic. It would mean a lot to me. ^_^ - Cten with her fork madness! - Nude Dib! But you don’t see anything, don’t worry - Cten smooches Dib. - Cten thinking of Dib. - Just Cten, this scene coming in a chapter soon.