Hide and Seek
note to readers:this is my first fanfic and I'm sure it totally sucks but read it anyway and marvel at it's suckiness!Muhhahahaha

::Zim yawns and looks around his lair::

Zim:"Something is missing." (to himself)

::He sits there for a minute or so and jumps up::

Zim:"Gir! I haven't heard his insane babbling for a while! He's up to something!"

::Zim gets up and transports up to the house::

::He walks through the house yelling::

Zim:"Gir! Where are you?! GIIIIIIIIRRRRR!"

::After a couple of minutes he sits down on the couch::

Zim:"Now where could that imbecile have gone? I know! I'll start up his tracky tracking thingie...that'll show me his location."

::Zim goes below and presses a couple of buttons. A little remote control looking thing pops out and he presses a red button::

Zim:"Now this locator should lead me right to him."

::It beeps for a few minutes and then lets out a loud beep::

Zim:"Aha!" ::Zim rushes outside::

::He arrives at the zoo in a cab.He walks through the zoo holding the locator and finally stops at the monkey cage. Zim squints his eyes and looks into the cage::

Zim:"He should be here...." ::he zooms in on a log that's moving. Zim jumps into the cage and grabs the log::

Zim:"Gir! I have been looking all over for you! Come out now!"

::He reaches into the log and pulls out...a baby monkey.It has a red chip attached to it::


::Zim shakes the monkey and it lets out a howl. All the other monkeys pile on Zim, scratching, biting, and hitting him::

Zim:"Stop that you monkeys! I am an invader! I will crush your little monkey bodies. AArgghh, my eyes!"

::Zim opens his front door, breathing heavily. He is bleeding, bruised, and his clothes are torn. Gir is sitting on the couch watching the scary monkey show::

Zim:"Gir! Where were you?"

Gir:"You found me, master!" ::jumps up to hug Zim::

Zim:"Why did you put your tracky thing on a monkey?" ::pushes Gir away::

Gir:"Siiilllyyyy! There's no cheating in hide and go seek."

::Gir hops off into the kitchen. Zim stares after Gir and falls onto the couch::