GIR Gone Bad

by Invader A-Bomb

(setting: Zim’s house, where GIR is watching the Scary Monkey Show)

GIR: I love this show!

Zim: That horrible monkey...

(ice cream truck music plays outside)

GIR: STUFF!!!!!!

(GIR runs outside and leaves the door open)

Zim: UGH!! GIR, next time, don’t forget to close the door! It’s a vital part
of the mission!!!

(camera flips over to the ice cream truck where GIR is wrestling the ice
cream man)

GIR: I need stuff! Gimme stuff!

Ice cream guy: All right! All right! Here’s your ice cream.

GIR: Ice cream?

(GIR walks back to Zim’s house)

GIR: Hi, master! I got ice cream!

Zim: Ice...cream?


(GIR eats the ice cream and electricity comes out of him)

Zim: GIR? GIR? Speak to me, GIR!!


Zim: Priority one: fix GIR. Priority two: Destroy the humans.

(later, in Zim’s lab)

Zim: Almost done. And...there! It’s alive!!!


Zim: GIR?

(GIR’s eyes turn red)

GIR: MUST DESTROY!!!!!!!!!!!

Zim: GIR? Hmm, the ice cream must have made GIR malfunction! Now he’s turned
evil!! All right! Now I’ll have an easier time invading Earth.

GIR: (roars) Destroy!!! DESTROY!!!!!!! DESTROY!!!

Zim: Destroy what?


(GIR fires a rocket at Zim, but Zim dodges and the rocket blows up Zim’s
voot cruiser repair bay)

Zim: NNNNOOOOOO!! The repair bay! I must get out of here before GIR destroys
everything else! Computer! Take me up to the main floor! NOW!!!!

(Zim rides the elevator up to the main floor of the house, GIR follows him)

GIR: Must destroy!!

Zim: No, GIR! You will not destroy your master!

(GIR fires another rocket, Zim dodges, the rocket blows up a human house)

Zim: Hey, if I keep dodging GIR’s rockets, they’ll blow up the Earth.
Perfect! (laughs mischieviously)

(camera flips over to Dib’s house, where Dib is watching Mysterious

Guy in TV: For years, the world has wondered, "are there aliens among us?"
Well we here at Mysterious Mysteries of Strange Mystery--

News guy: We interrupt this program to bring you a special report.


Gaz: Be quiet, Dib!

News guy: We have just received reports about a little green dog destroying
the city!

Dib: Isn’t that Zim being chased by the dog?

News guy: This is indeed a tragic moment.
(Dib turns off the TV, camera flips back to Zim and GIR)

Zim: All I have to do is keep dodging GIR’s rockets and the Earth will be


(GIR fires another rocket, it blows up Dib’s house, but Dib, Gaz, and
Professor Membrane are still alive)

Zim: Good work, GIR!


(GIR fires another rocket, it destroys the bank from "Walk of Doom")

Zim: Keep destroying, GIR!


Zim: AAHH! I’d better go back to the base! Maybe that horrible monkey can
make GIR not want to destroy me. AAAAAHHHHH!

(Zim and GIR walk into Zim’s house)


Zim: GIR, uh, the Scary Monkey Show is on!

GIR: (normal voice) Scary Monkey? YYYAAAAAYYY!!!

Zim: Well, I’m glad things are back to normal.

GIR: I love this show!

(Ice cream truck music plays outside)


Zim: Not this again...