This is a story about what happend in The Nightmare Begins.This is mostly about Gaz and what realy happend that night , so read your butt off ...And don't worry this is only rated PG so I won't get into any Filthy, Dirty,Filth. ;p oh yeah forgot to tell you, my freind dared me to put some "Weird" parts at the end (that's why its PG) hehehehehehehehe snort, spoot, ha HA!!. Don't be afraid it actually turned out quite good. as my friend told me.I think it's strange..........

The Nightmare Begins...again Dedicaded to Daget, My favorite cartoon character

Scene starts late afternoon,Gaz is looking out her window stareing at the dark sky.The sun has set already and Dib is on the roof of the house trying to contact "Aliens" in another galixy. Unlike Dib, Gaz minds her own bussiness (Like Aliens exist anyway).Gaz gets up and walks to her door "Yeah,"she said quietly while twisting the knob on her door takeing one last glance outside "I wish they did exist, maybe my life wouldn't be so crapy if I had some alien to talk to about how much I'd like to leave this crapy planet and all its crap."

Gaz walks down the hall to the staircaise and slides down the railing. Ever since Gaz was a tiny little girl she hated her life.The skool conselers said that was mostly because she didn't have a mother and left it at that.That was true but it wasn't the whole truth, she didn't know her mother and never asked her dad about her,but then again she didn't know her father either.Shure she lived with him and went out to pizza every year with him but he never spends time with her or Dib.Dib was also another reason she hated her crap filled life...

"Dib drank the last soda, HE WILL PAY!!!!" Gaz mumbled to herself while looking in the fridge.

Sudenly Dib burst through the kitchen window landing in the sink full of water...

"THERE COMING!!!" he screamed "DAD!! There coming, I was up on the roof and I heard this transmission was coming through-"

"SSSHHHH!! " Pro. Membrane said to keep Dib quiet "Not now son, I'm making.......TOAST!!!!"

Dib just looked at him kinda funny then turned his atention to Gaz sipping on her juice box.

"Gaz!!" he said thinking she would pay attention to him "There coming!!"

"Who's coming Dib?" she asked knowing he was going to tell her anyway

"I Don't Know...."

Gaz rolled her eyes and sipped on her juice once again,she should have known that Dib didn't know what he was talking about. He never does anyway. Like that one time he said he saw Big Foot in the garage...Gaz coulden't help but laugh at his stupidness.

But what if Dib was right? The tought crossed her mind a few times before bed that night. "yeah right," she said to herself while yawning sleepily, "Like that could ever happen..."



BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP came the sound of Gaz's alarmclock. It's been six months since Dib's weird explosion and Gaz didn't think of it too much after that.The alarmclock stoped beeping after Gaz hit it with her shoe angrily. The alarmclock read, in bright yellow numbers, 3:05 a.m. Gaz blinked and then got dressed.Gaz always got up at three because she hated sleeping, every time she went to sleep she had horrible dreams about green and purple lights out of the sky and people in white coats. She never understood them and didn't want to. She mostly didn't care.

She stood up after her shoes were securly fasned on her feet then went down stairs to the kitchen for breakfast. She walked into the kitchen not bothering to turn on the light.She usually didn't because the light from the basement lit the whole room.Her Dad never sleeps, he just stayes down there in the basement all the time untill he's hungry.The last time he came up for breakfast at three and caught Gaz up, he sent her back to her room. It was almost like he was hiding somthing, like Gaz actually cared any way.

Gaz walked to the cabnet door,opend it then took out a candy bar to snack on.She then put on her coat and walked out the front door careful so no one could hear her.She then walked down the street just thinking about her stupid life and how much she Hated it.she walked for hours with no cares. Sudenly out of no where a giant purple hover craft-like-thing flew above her swiftly. Gaz ducked in time to miss it then got up and ran following it to an old abandond parking lot where it stopped and landed.At this time Gaz was so shocked thinking about the aircraft that she dropped her candy bar by the road. Gaz quickly jumped behind a bush. Then ,thinking she was well hiden,poked her head over the bush to see.To her amaisment she saw a little green person jump out of the purple air craft as the dust disappeared.

"Hoo," he said "that was easy!Gir!!! Get out here!" sudenly a little robot jumped off the ship and landed with a thump on the dirt. Gaz smiled in amaisment.

"Gir,what did you learn?" asked the green guy

Gir smiled and said "I saw a squrel.It was doin' like this..." gir made a cute impression of a squril and Gaz could berely hold in her laughter.

"Concentrate Gir!!It is now time for discuises."

"I wanna be a mongoose"

Gaz watched the alien run across the parkinglot while wondering what was going to happen next.Gaz watched him pick a discuise from this weird computer thing, then she watched him go into this big shell like thing.He came out looking like a normal human, only green.Then it was Gir's turn.

"I'm thinking, mabey a dog"the alein said to himself

"can i be a mongoose dog?"Gir asked

Gaz watched the boy put gir in the shell thingy to tern him into a dog, but she wasn't watching Gir,she was watching the green boy the whole time.She had to tell Dib about this! So she quietly backed away from the bush so they couldent see her, and she ran home as fast as her legs could carry her.The sun was rising. It seemed like only a short while she was out side but time always had a way of slipping through her hands. When she got home Dib had already left for skool.She had no choice but to catch the bus.

Gaz waited very unpatiently for the bus, since she just discovered life on other planets she had a right to be unpatiant. But still it might just be a goverment thing, NAGH!! Gaz was about to bored the skool bus until a green boy stepped in front of her.

"Watch it Earth stink!!! I am Zim!" Zim said in an evil voice

Gaz was about to punch him until she realized who he was

"AAGGHH!!" she said without thinking "IT'S YOU! WELCOME TO EARTH!!

all the children on the bus stared at them until gaz lifted her hand like she was about to punch em'. Zim looked at Gaz

"What are you talking about?! I am but a normal human worm baby!"

Gaz looked at him. He was making a fake nervous smile at her, moving his eyes back and forth around the bus. zim then looked at Gaz about to ask her what she knew, but a kid shoved him into a bus seat. Gaz slapped herself thinking she just ruined his life by saying that. She grabbed his hand to help him up, But she realized she never helps any one up so, to avoid suspision, she shoved Zim back into his seat. Zim, very shaken up at this point, looked at Gaz slapping herself on the forehead. Zim was very confused. Another kid got on the bus then shoved Gaz into the seat behind Zim. Zim looked behind his seat stareing at Gaz strangely.

"Who are you?" Zim asked Gaz quietly

"Gaz" she answerd kind of embarassed. "Your Zim, right? Sorry 'bout what just happened"

SSSSCCCCRRRREEEEAAAACCCCCHHHHHHH!!!!!!! The bus came to a halt.Zim and Gaz stepped of the bus in silence.

"Umm...Gaz," Zim asked, "could you not tell any one what happend. I mean, if you don't, mabey I will spare your life when I conquor this filthy planet"

Gaz nodded her head

"Okay." she replied nervously.

As Zim walked away,Gaz just stood there. No one has ever said that to her before. Gaz smiled.


Gaz raised her hand while Mr. Elliot was in one of his lectures.

"May I be excused ????" Gaz asked quickly.

"Of course." Mr. Elliot replied, "Listen, I understand."

" I BET you do" Gaz said under her breath.

Gaz ran to every door in the skool hallway searching for wich class Zim was in.She came to Mrs. Bitters class room door, she peeked into the window but it was very hard to see since the window hasn't been cleaned in like, twenty years.

"Ya see?!" Dib said "Actual proof to Prove that all the things I've been saying are actualy right! Finally, a way to prove that I'm.. that I'm-"

"That I'm Crazy!" Zim inturrupeded, changing his voice to sound like Dib.

Gaz gave an evil smirk as she watched her new friend and her brother become worst enimies right in front of her eyes.

"Go home now!!!" Mrs. Bitters comanded to the chidren two seconds before the bell rang.

Gaz hid behind the door as the children scrambled out of the class room.

"Now," Zim thought to himself as he walked out the skool doors "time to find that Gaz girl to find out what she knows..."

"Zim" Dib said evily "Your crumby discuise may have foolled every one else, but I'll get them to see the truth "

"No one will believe you " Zim said calmly

"They will if I bring them to you without your discuise! I ordered these from one of my UFO zines!" Dib said holding out a pair of hand cuff things.

"Ooo! Pretty! What is it?"

"Alien link cuffs, Garanteed to render all alien life forms unconciouse"

"How do you know if they work if you've never found an Alien before?"

"........I'm gonna find out right now! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!"

Dib leaped at Zim then chased him all over the skool yard and street. Gaz watched them then relized that Dib was trying to KILL Zim!! Gaz followed them until Zim fell into a fenced in dog pen. Gaz ran through the bars and called the dog over to her.She knew those dogs because she always wanted a dog and she never got one,or at least she thought she didn't. Anyway... Zim took a glance at Gaz as he squeezed thruogh the fence bars.

"Is she following me???" Zim thought to himself while putting on his boot.

Zim looked up at Dib on the fence bar then-WHAM-he shoved dib into the dog pen. then ,almost right on cue,Gaz let the dog's coller go. Zim smiled down at Gaz waving to him from behind the house.Zim called Gir quickly, then they flew away.Gaz thought Dib had enough so she let him go by calling the dog. Dib was so worried about Zim that he didn't even notice Gaz standing there with the evil dog beside her.

"What an idiot" she thought to herself.


Gaz walked home slowly.She didn't bother to folow her stupid brother and Zim. I mean she shoulden't have to follow them around. If Aliens are so advanced then they must know how to stop humans, like Dib, from bothering them.Gaz just uses pepper spray and Dib leaves her alone. Gaz coulden't help but think of Zim and the little dog thingy. or how every where she went Zim just showed up all of a-

"HI!!" came a voice from behind her.

Gaz turned around to see--- Igans???

"Igans! what are you doing here?! you don't show up untill the 12th episode! you better leave before Jhonen shows up!!"

"I don't care about stupid Jhonen or Steeve!! i just want to say that it isn't fair that i only show up for one episode! it's crazy! Jhonen and Steeve get to be in practicaly all of them and they arn't even apart of the show!!!"

"AWW!! poor Iggy. Hey ya Know what ?!" Gaz said sarcastically, " I heard them talking about making a sequal."

"Oh Ok Bye then" igans walked off singing the doom song.

Gaz turned around only to find Oog-Ahh from Episode 9 standing infront of her!

"Can you direct me to ms.Bitters house, we made a bet that Gir couldent put a penut up his nose."

"Eww!! I Think she lives at the skool"

OOg-Ahh walked off with Gir behind him, Penut fully intact. Gaz walked down the street wondering what it would be like to live on another planet far away from this one. sudenly Dib came on Gaz's watch thingy reporting that she had to come home for dinner at once. Gaz went back to her thinking. VERY FAR AWAY.

scene cuts off with Mimi and Tak dancin to Don't let me Get me by Pink. Sudenly the BUM's Run by with zim on there tail holding a nife in his hand followed by the Angry beavers appearing to be shooting arrows at the fairly odd parents and a kid with really weird hair ... OH its Jimmy neutron. And what is this? It seems that tiny babies, The Rugrats!! are being caught on fire by some mysterious person with a tail... Oh its Rocko and spunky right beside him!! And it looks like Ren and Stimpy are having a good time to... They seem to be shooting the Rocket Power dudes with flame throwers!!! HAHAHAHA!! and don't forget Sponge Bob He's killing the Chalk Zone Kids with a shovel and Krabby Paties!! what is this world comming to??!? Oh and Elisa and Darwin are beeing run over by a semi tuck driven by Ikus Crumb and Oblina. Arnold seems to eating... Patty Mayonaise with a side order of Pelswick, and I think i'm going to be sick............scene ends with catdog bones every where ( Gir, Spunky, spike, and abner the piggy are chewing on the rotting corpses.)