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ZZDN created by Jessica

Rules for Submission
Read all of the rules before submitting. I will not accept anything that does not follow these guidelines.

For Fanart:

  1. You must send me a JPEG or GIF file. NO BITMAPS! Download the free BMPtoGIF program at if necessary, it's quick.
  2. Do not have spaces or other punctuation in your file name. Only letters and numbers please. The server won't accept them otherwise.
  3. Nothing overly sexual, but romance is okay.
  4. Don't send me anything too gruesome or bloody. Keep it along the lines of what's in the show.
  5. Original and SI characters are fine.
  6. Don't trace. Really. Have you no shame?
  7. Don't send really gigantic files. If it takes more than ten minutes to upload it with a 56K modem, it's way too big!
  8. Do NOT imbed files directly into the email. Use the attach function to send me the file. I couldn't check my email for quite some time because a huge imbedded file kept crashing Juno.
  9. I will accept and prefer .zip files.

If you follow all of these rules, send your art as an attachment to an e-mail giving your name, e-mail, or website to with "ZZDN submission" in the subject line.


For Fanfiction:

Formatting and Sending:

  1. I have MS Word, so .doc is fine, however, I'd certainly love you if you sent me your files in HTML format. If you use something other than Word, send it in .rtf or .txt format.
  2. Send your name, e-mail, and/ or website addy, as well as a short summary. I'm really busy, so you writing the summary is VERY important.
  3. Rate your fic. (G, PG, PG-13, or R) Slash should get an S, too. (PG-13-S or R-S) The site does get younger visitors so it's important that the ratings are accurate.


  1. Writing of any length is accepted. If the story is more than 15 pages, please divide it into chapters.
  2. Any genre is fine, humor, drama, general, romance, but no hardcore sex stuff. Straight or slash. This is a Zim fansite, not a porno site. And jeez, people, most of the characters are KIDS!
  3. Slash (romance between same-sex characters) is ok, as long as you label it as such. Just don't write anything horribly clichéd or stupid.
  4. Like an idea someone has had? Wish you'd written about that? The correct response is to send them a complementary e-mail, NOT to steal their idea. And as I said above, stupid, clichéd stories suck!
  5. Don't just kill off characters you don't like. That's really weak.
  6. Violence is okay, as long as it isn't way out of the scope of what's on the show.
  7. Try to stay away from getting out of character.
  8. Original/ SI characters are ok. Just don't make the story completely about them. I'm not going to be terribly strict, but remember, if the real characters are only very minor supporting roles to your story about Dibbette or Invader *insert spacy sounding name here* then I might not put it up as your story really isn't about the show. Publish it on your own personal page.
  9. Do NOT write the fic in the email message area. Use the attach function to send me the file. It makes it very hard to extract the text without including formatting tags from the email when it is sent otherwise. Send a .doc, .txt, or a .htm attached!



Poor spelling, grammar, and confusing plots not only make you look like a bad writer, but also makes the site look bad for accepting work with so many errors. That is why you should have a beta read your story before you send it. They can inform you of problems that as an author you might not see, and give you suggestions on who to make your work more coherent and engaging. Click here for the list of volunteer beta readers!

Send your files to with "ZZDN submission" in the subject line.


*I'll always respond to your e-mails within two weeks. If I have not responded by then, try sending another one.I will attempt to update every two weeks, but I can't promise anything. Please don't pester me! And please don't send non-submission e-mails to my Juno address.*