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ZZDN created by Jessica

Fan Creation

In late summer 2001, the webmistress of the highly sucessful and well run site Zimmy Zim Doom Night decided that the time had come to concentrate on other projects. However, she offered to let another webmaster run the site. I expressed my interest, she made her decision, and this section of Subjugated was zapped to life by an unfeeling robot arm!



Don't kill me...please...

Yes, yes, I know, its been months since the last ZZDN update. But ZZDN is now new and improved! The even more fanart page has been added in an attempt to relieve the bandwidth problems that frequently shut down the site, and although it's not really noticeable to you guys I've totally re-organized the file structure to make future moves and changes easier. So, sorry for the delay, but I hope the improvements are worth it! Oh, and I drew a little picture for your enjoyment: Me working on a marathon ZZDN update. After hours of repetitive mousing and typing, one gets a little sore. And I've never had butt spasms from sitting too long until now...

Oh, and I'd really like to give special thanks to Meredith for moving the fanart section for me! I really, really appreciate it!

More Fanart:


Although the fanfic section hasn't seen as many changes (yet!), there is an update there as well: