Dib Hates His Life
by Rosi

Beep, Beep, Beep. Dib’s alarm clock rang. “Dib if you don’t turn that off right now I’ll…” Came Gaz’s voice from the other room. Dib slapped his clock’s button and got out of bed. He walked to the laundry room and grabbed his coat and shirt. Then he trudged back to his room and changed into his school clothes. Then he went downstairs and noticed Gaz had already left. He walked to skool alone. On his way, he tripped on something and fell on his face. He looked at the ground expecting to see a rock or something. He gasped he couldn’t see anything, including his feet.

He lifted up his shirt a tiny bit. He could sort of see the tips of his boots. After a few minutes of panicking, he realized his shirt and coat must have been stretched in the dryer. Why did they have a stretch button on their dryer? Just then, he heard a burst of laughter. He looked around to see Zim on the sidewalk rolling around laughing, “I…have to… get a…photo of…this!” Zim gasped . GIR, got the camera before Dib could react, he was blinded by a camera flash. He grumbled and ran to skool , tripping here and there. When he arrived in class, Ms. Bitters said, “You’re late again Dib, what’s your pathetic excuse today? Dib hurried to his seat, not answering the teacher. Just then, Ms. Bitters said, “Dib, boys aren’t allowed to where dresses here. Go to the office immediately!” He reddened and hurried out of the classroom. He ran out of skool and spent the rest of the day at home . He went to the laundry room to make sure his clothes didn’t get stretched again. On the dryer, he found a note :


I stretched your shirt and coat last night to ensure you a day of humiliation ,


Dib crumpled the paper then, collapsed on the floor. “ I hate my life,” he muttered.