Me and Gaz

An Invader Zim Fanfic by Crazyboy

(NOTE: This story is copyright me. If I see somebody stealing it, I will tell the person who's site it's hosted on, and I will flame you over Email. Also, I'm writing this from my own POV. Not as an alien, but a human.)

I was sitting on the front steps of the skool when she walked out. She was with her little brother, as usual, who was going on about Zim being an alien. She ignored him and pulled out a Gameslave 2. I was interested. She had the same model and color as mine. I decided to get up my courage and talk to her. But it had to be at the right time. I put a plan into action. Standing up, I pulled my GS2 from my pocket, and began playing Space Cows. As I got up, I tripped Dib with my foot. He fell-SMACK!-into a mud puddle. Gaz-that was her name-laughed. She looked at me and smiled. I smiled back, then I showed her my Gameslave. Without a word, she pulled a hookup cable from her pocket and hooked the two GS2s together. We played Space Cows multiplayer for a long time. Dib just sat there, staring at us. We glared at him, and he ran away, shouting about 'Saving Earth.' What a moron. When I got back from skool, I noticed a note on my front door. It said: 'meet me outside your bedroom window tonight at 10:00 for a huge surprise. Signed, Gaz.'
Well, needless to say I was ecstatic. I wondered what it could be. That night, I waited until 10:00 and then jumped out of my window. I landed in a bush, and Gaz walked up next to me. "Busy, I see. Well, leave your little friend alone for bit and come with me." So I did. We walked for a while, and then stopped. We were back at skool. We hopped the fence, and walked along campus. We talked for a long time. We have a lot in common. We each have annoying little brothers, first of all. When we went around the campus once, she stopped. "What's wrong?" I asked her. "Nothing, but…" She began. "What?" I asked, genuinely concerned. "It's just… You're the first person who's ever been nice to me. I really like you, and I like the way you treat me. Like I'm somebody special." I smiled.
She gave me a little kiss, a peck on the cheek. Nothing huge, but enough to make me blush like a red thingy.

After a few more moments of talking, we went home. She walked me to her door, and said goodnight. I looked at her house for a while, and noticed a pair of huge eyes staring down at me from the roof. I picked up a large rock and heaved it at the eyes. "OW!" Dib's anguished scream was enough to make it a perfect night, but when he rolled off the roof and into a dumpster, I couldn't help but smiling even more.

Chapter two: Payback.
I watched from a bush as Gaz read the note I'd left. She smiled to herself, and went back inside. I knew she'd be there. All I needed to do was wait until tomorrow night, and I'd pay her back. That night, I was lying in my bed around 2:00 AM, when something climbed into my window. Pretending I was asleep, I felt around for my baseball bat, which I'd left somewhere on the floor. Two huge eyes appeared over me, and I freaked out. I didn't scream, but I did grab the baseball bat and swing it into the creature's face. The What-ever-it-was screamed and fell off my bed. It was Dib, dressed in some kind of freaky stealth suit. He glared at me, and put his now broken glasses back on his face.
"What do you want, Dib?" I growled. I'm not used to psychos leaping into my room at night. "I'm here to find out what you want with my sister. Why you would be interested in her?" Dib said suspiciously. I grinned. "Nothing in particular.." I said carelessly. "You must be a vampire! Or a Bigfoot kid! You want to eat my sister!" Dib shouted. "No way.." I said slowly. "I'm not a vampire.." I now had an evil grin on my face. "I'm a werewolf!" And with that, I gave out a howl and lunged at Dib. He screamed like a girl, and leaped out my window, which happened to be closed.
Chapter 3: The surprise!
Gaz walked up to me, looking around. It was around 9:00 at night, and we were outside of skool again. As she wondered what her surprise was, I gave her a quick hug, and held out her present. It was small, and wrapped in paper I'd made myself. It had drawings of Dib being eating by various monsters on it. She smiled, and her smile seemed to light up the night sky. She opened her present, and gasped. I'm no doctor, but I imagine her heart skipped a few beats. It was a GameSlave3. GS2 hadn't even been out one month yet, and already I'd gotten this for her. She'll never imagine how hard it was to find, but I know I didn't imagine what happened next. I showed her that I'd got one too, in the same color. Then I presented her with Space Cows 5, the best and hardest to find of Space Cows games. She kissed me full on the mouth and then went home to play. I stood there, shocked. I was still standing there when skool started the next day. Dib stared at me for a while, then edged away as I growled at him. The 'werewolf' trick had worked perfectly. Gaz walked up to me and kissed me again. That brought me out of my trance. We went into our separate classes, and I thought about her all day.

Epilogue: Years later
Well, Gaz and me dated for six more years. We eventually got married, and Gaz became a video game designer. I became a movie director, and made a ton of successful movies. Dib eventually became the host of Mysterious Mysteries of Strange Mystery, but he's never spoken to me. He just mutters something about not touching dogs. Zim moved away, back to Denver or wherever he came from. Gaz and me now have thee kids, named Nate, Jasmine, and Spik. We love them a lot. Little Spik looks just like her mother. Nate, named after me, looks a bit like me and Dib combined, for some odd reason.

Fanfic made by Crazyboy, AKA The Almighty Green.
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