Doom Doom Dib

by Invader Zita

“Finally!” Zim yelled. His cry echoed th the lab. “This CD. It should confuse Dib, and put him to a trance. He will be my slave!” Zim began to laugh evilly. “Woo! Who let the dogs out?” Sang Gir accompanied by a CD. Zim ignored him and put on his disguise. “Ok Gir. I’ll be at SKOOL.” As Zim left Gir placed his CD next to Zims. “Oh, and Gir..DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING!!!” Gir just picked up a CD and acted as if he didn’t touch anything. Zim lifted one eyebrow, and rushed upstairs. He left for ‘SKOOL’.

At SKOOL “And that’s why peanut-butter Is DOOMED.” Hissed Ms. Bitters. “Zim is up to something. I just know it.” whispered Dib.  Zim cackled evilly. “GO NOW!!” yelled Miss Bitters. Kids jumped out the window while others used the door.

When Zim got home, there was Gir, in the lab, looking nervous. “Gir?” Zim began. “Huh? OH WHAT?” Gir tensely answered. “Did you touch anything?” Zim yelled. “I had peanut-butter. And-” Gir was cut off by Zim. “THE LAB GIR! WHAT DID YOU TOUCH IN THE LAB?!” Zim screamed. “Nothing...” Gir said casually. Zim grabbed the CD that was left next to his computer. “I have no time for this!” Zim scolded. “Dib's fate awaits!” Zim ran out to Dib's house. He put the CD in an envolope that read,

“Dear Dib:          
Open the envolope and play it in your computer to learn your secret admirer.
            -Love, Secret Admirer”

Zim thought Dib would be curious who it was. Zim slipped it under his door, as Gaz phoned someone. When she got off the  phone, Dib read his letter. “Secret Admirer?” He popped the CD into his computer. The computer beeped and before you knew it, it said, “Who Let the Dogs out?” Dib was confused. “Hey cool. Perfect for the party I’m throwing.” Gaz told her brother. “What party?” Dib asked. “Oh, a certain BREAK DIB'S THINGS AND LEAVE GAZ ALONE party.” Gaz replied. Dib screeched as Zim and Gir fans filled the room and destroyed Dib's things to the tune of who let the dogs out.

At Zim's house:
          “Master, can you play my CD? PLEASE??” begged Gir. “Ok Gir! Just leave me be. I’m working on an important plan on how to destroy earth!”  belowed Gir's master. “Ok.” responded Gir in SIR mode.    As Zim played the CD, a blue light filled the screen. Zim was on the screen, and Zim (who was watching it) repeated what The Zim on Screen said: “You are my master…” Gir ran.