Universal crisis: The saga Begins…

Written By Grand High Idol

A Zim/Eclipse fanfic

PART I: Crisis rising

The story begins on distant planet Catopia, about 100 light years from Irk, Zim’s planet. A shadowed cat figure with long black hair and pale blue wings is running down the corridor of the satellite. She is running very fast towards a lab door. It slides open as she runs through it, panting like heck.

She stops in front of a cat similar to her, only this cat is wearing a long silk, scarlet cape. She turns her head as the cat enters.

Caped Cat: I assume you wanted to see me?

Shadow Cat (bowing): Yes, Leader of Them All. You see—(she turns her head over to one side with a worried look on her face) – Leader of the FogDog tribe has struck again. Everything is being burned.

Leader of Them All (surprised): I thought that they would give that up after the Eclipse Battle 60 years ago! (Her face becomes shadowed) But nonetheless, we must stop them before they wipe out every race on every planet.

Shadow Cat (shaking her head): I’m afraid that will be of no help.

Leader of Them All: Well, why not, Fourth in Command?

Fourth in Command: The FogDog tribe has gotten smarter over 60 years. They stole weaponry from every planet in the galaxy and are using them against the ones who created them. They’re each equipped with a different weapon. I’m afraid they’re unstoppable!

Leader of Them All (nodding): I understand. But we must fight to at least try to stop them. Remember that we are the most powerful in the galaxy.

Fourth in Command: We’re three warriors short.

Leader of Them All: Huh… (Thinks deeply for a moment or two, with her eyes closed. Then she opens them and stares at Fourth in Command.) Planet Earth.

Fourth in Command: What?

Leader of Them All: We’ll take three beings from Planet Earth and alter their systems so that they are like us. After the mission is over, it’ll wear off.

Fourth in Command (looking unsure): I dunno… Earth creatures can be pretty stupid.

Leader of Them All: Do not deny my whims, Fourth in Command. I have greater power. Do not deny.

Fourth in Command: Right.

Fourth in Command turns around and runs through the door and down the corridor to the translation room. On the way, she mutters to herself.

Fourth in Command: I just hope I find the warriors I’m looking for. By any chance, someone who knows about space. Siggghh…

Scene switches to outside of Zim’s house. GIR is standing near the side, drawing pigs on the wall with a marker. Zim comes out with a sandwich and is just about to eat it when he sees GIR drawing on the side of the house.

Zim (dropping the sandwich): GIR! For the last time! Don’t draw on the side of the house! How many times have I told you…Eurgh…

GIR (looking at Zim): Yeah, but the side of the house looked really boring. I thought it would be fun if I added some piggies.

Zim (slapping his face): GIR, add ‘piggies’ somewhere BESIDES the house!

GIR (looking at the marker, then at Zim): Can I draw on your backpack thingie?

Zim: NO!

GIR: I know what you want. You want to draw piggies too!

Zim: I do NOT! I HATE piggies!

GIR (looking at one of the pigs and pointing at it): Can I just draw a wooden leg on this one? I won’t have time to draw a real leg.

Zim: GIR, do the words ‘sidewalk chalk’ mean anything to you?

GIR: Nope.

Zim walks over to the place where GIR was drawing on the wall and touches one of the pig pictures, then runs his finger down it. The pig picture remains intact and doesn’t smear.

Zim: GIR, let me see that pen.

GIR hands him the marker. Zim looks over it, then drops it and starts shouting at GIR.


GIR: Aw, you KNOW I can’t read, master!


Scene switches to the Planet Irk satellite. Red and Purple, the Almighty Tallest, are watching the National finals of Eclipse battling.

A sound of breaking glass is heard, and Red looks behind him to see the Leader of Them All, her eyes flashing with determination.

Red (pointing at the Leader of Them All): And just who are you?

Leader of Them All (standing upright): You remember me. Our Rulers meeting last decade ago was more then satisfactory.

Purple (turning around): Will you two shut up?! I can’t watch the game, let alone hear it.

Leader of Them All (perking her ears): You don’t even have ears. How can you hear at all?

Red: Classified Information.

Purple: So, why are you here?

Leader of Them All (her eyes flashing): Let me use your communicator device, and all will be well… unless you want to be ruled by a FogDog tribe.

Scene switches once more to Zim and GIR at the park. GIR is on his dog leash and is skipping after a butterfly. Zim lets him off, then walks over near the pond.

He stares at himself in the water for a while, and while he is doing this Dib sneaks up behind him and shoves him in. Zim hits the water and screams with surprise and pain.

Dib: Haha! Sooner or later, you always fall for that one.

Zim (getting out of the water): I loathe you, you know that?

Dib: I know it, ‘cause I’m the same with you.

Zim (slowly and casually walking behind Dib): Well, I guess I was the goat this time… but all I can say right now is… DEATH TO HUMANS!

At saying this line, Zim kicks Dib into the pond. Dib hits the water, submerges, then gets back up, gagging for air. Zim laughs at him as he climbs out of the pond.

Dib (wringing the water out of his jacket): Okay; now we’re even.

Zim: Dib, move back a little bit.

Dib: No way, I’m NOT falling for that one again.

A bike then zooms past them both, and they both have to back up. They lose their balance on the edge of the dock and both drop into the water…again. They then get back out after a minute of shock.

GIR (running towards them): I guess you both FELL for that one! Hahaha!

Dib: Haha, very funny. Oh haha, boy howdy, I’m going crazy here. Oh yeah, that was funny. Almost as funny as getting run over by a steamroller.

Zim: GIR, how did you live long enough to actually exist today?

GIR: Beats me.

Dib and Zim look at each other, then start to move towards GIR. They grab him by his feet and arms and drag him to the pond. They then stare at each other.

Dib and Zim (at the same time in the same tone): If he lives, NSP will forgive this one.

They then heave GIR into the water.

As GIR is trying to swim towards the shore, Zim’s communicator device suddenly springs out. The Leader of Them All’s transparent image appears on the screen.

Leader of Them All: Earth creature, Alien and robot, we need your help to stop the Fogdog tribe. The universe will be lost without you. Help us.

Dib: Soo…Who’s that, a friend of yours?

Zim (shaking his head): No, Dib, she said ‘Earth creature, Alien and robot’. She means all three of us… and I think she wants us to help her.

Dib: You mean a real mission?

Zim: Yeah…