Universal Crisis part V:

The deadly… Waterfall

We now continue. Zim and Dib are on all fours and are sprinting towards the waterfall. GIR is riding on Zim’s back, with his tongue hanging out. The waterfall is about 50 yards away. Zim looks up at GIR while still running.

Zim (annoyed): GIR, get off my back! I’m not an Armordron!

Dib, hearing another name of a creature unknown to Earth, digs his claws into the dirt and halts. Zim does the same thing, and GIR gets thrown off. He lands a few feet away from them.

Dib: What the heck is an Armordron?

Zim (sighs): Here we go again. (Turns to Dib) An Armordron is what we use for what you call ‘horses’. It’s covered in body armor and can run as fast as a vootrunner. Good attack powers too.

Dib: So it’s an armored horse?

Zim (teeth clenched): Yes.

Dib: Oh yeah. Haha, just checking.

They break off into a run again, and slowly disappear from view.

Scene switches to the waterfall. It looks like a normal Earth waterfall, only it is much taller and the rocks surrounding it are purple-pink like. The bottom leads to a shallow pool, which leads to a spring and then a creek. Fog is billowing up towards the mouth of the waterfall.

Dib looks over to the pond below.

Dib: Yow, we’re pretty high up.

GIR: I like it!

Zim (looking over the edge): Yah. If one of us falls into there, we’ll be dead toast.

GIR: With butter!

Dib (backing away from the edge): Can’t risk any chances. Besides, the rocks are pretty wet from the fog.

Zim: And we’ll be even wetter when we fall in.

Dib: We won’t fall—

Then something clamps down on his shoulder. He looks up and finds himself staring into the eyes of the one thing he didn’t want to see near a rushing waterfall—a Fogdog on an armored horse.

Dib (looking at the horse): Is that an Armordron?

Fogdog: Yeah, it is… (Grabs him by the back of the jacket and lifts him up) …And you’re gonna be dead in a few seconds.

Dib: What do you…?

He stops cold when he finds out that another Fogdog has already got Zim and is holding him over the steep edge of the waterfall. The Fogdog rides up next to him and holds Dib over the waterfall next.

Zim: Put me down you dirty rotten stinking…!

Fogdog 1# (turning to the other): Should we drop ‘em separately?

Fogdog 2# (gritting his teeth): Nah. Too obvious. We’ll drop ‘em together. They can be the last things they see before they’re smashed into a bloody mess in the pond below.

Dib and Zim both flinch.

Fogdog 1# (loosening his grip on Dib): Ready? ‘Kay, one, two…THREE! Adios, suckers!

They release their grip on both of them, and Zim and Dib, screaming, fall off the cliff. The two Fogdogs laugh like maniacs, then turn their horses towards the Fogdog headquarters. Their voices can be heard faintly o/c.

Fogdog 2#: That was quite satisfactory!

Fogdog 1#: Amen, brother.

Meanwhile, Zim and Dib are about one third of the way to smashing below. Zim looks at the rock ahead, then bares his claws and in a flash, hooks them deep into the rock. The claws are the only things keeping him up, and Dib, seeing this, grabs onto one of Zim’s tails just as he falls past him. They both hang there, while it shows the waterfall much farther away, including the entire waterfall in the scene.

Back to Zim and Dib.

Zim: This didn’t go as I planned.

Dib: Well, it’s better then dropping. Just let’s hope your claws don’t lose their grip, or… (Looks down at the pond about 300 feet below) I don’t want to think what would happen.

Zim: Say… Where’s GIR?

GIR (looking over the edge and waving): Right here!

Zim: GIR! We’re stuck! Help us!

GIR (eyes glowing red, saluting): Yes sir!

His eyes glow back to their regular mode, then he runs off the cliff and falls down to where Dib is holding on to Zim. He grabs one of Dib’s tails, then looks up at Zim.

GIR: How was that?

Zim (rolling his eyes): I’m ever so thrilled. How daring.

GIR: Thank you. I’ll just dangle here now, because I saved you two.

Zim notices that pain is beginning to shoot through his claws and his tails. He looks away from GIR and notices that his claws are loosening their grip. He tries to hang on, but that only makes them loosen more.

Dib (looking up at Zim): Zim… What’s going on? I have an omen that we’re going to die very soon.

Zim (a look of terror on his face): Losing mothenium… must… hang… on…

Dib (nervously): Zim, are you loosening your grip? (Looks down, then starts speaking in a terrified voice) Zim! Don’t! If you drop, we all die! Think of us!

Zim (sweating): Don’t loosen… please don’t loosen…

Suddenly Zim’s claws come loose.

Zim: Traitors.

They all fall, screaming, towards the water. Meanwhile, a Roundafeline, a small, round cat creature with a fluffy tail and stubby legs, is swimming in the pond below the waterfall. It stops, and Zim and Dib’s screams of terror and GIR’s laughter start out faint, but then grow louder. GIR hits the Roundafeline, then, with the Roundafeline being rubbery, rebounds off it and onto the shore. Zim and Dib, still screaming, hit the Roundafeline one at a time, then rebound off it and hit the shore. The Roundafeline makes a noise as each one hits it.

Roundafeline (when GIR hits it, surprised): Fee!

Roundafeline (when Zim hits it, annoyed): Fee!

Roundafeline (when Dib hits it, angry): Feeeee…

The Roundafeline fluffs its tail, then walks out of the pond and into the trees. Scene switches to Zim, Dib, and GIR. GIR looks happy, but Zim and Dib are still trying to catch their breath, and still have looks of terror on their faces.

GIR: That was FUN!

Zim (gasping): That… was… a nightmare…

Dib: Geez, we would’ve died if it weren’t for that ball-shaped cat creature! (Looks into the trees where the Roundafeline disappeared) Geez, that’s the first time an alien saved my life!

Zim (regaining breath): Well, you’ll meet a lot of others. (Stands up and looks around) Let’s see… Oh great. We’re stuck. We are SO stuck.

Dib: Now what, wise guy?

Zim (annoyed): I do not like your earthen remarks. (Looks around again.) Um…Er…

Then an echoing thud shakes the ground. They all lose their balance and fall onto the dirt. They look up without bothering to get up for some strange reason.

Dib: Now what?

Zim: I don’t know. We’re going to need to get up… somehow…

They struggle to their feet as the thuds become more powerful. Then a large, elephant-like creature with three trunks, one eye and a jewel wedged into its head emerges. It stops in front of them, then bellows.

Zim (smirking): This is our ticket out.

Dib: What is it?

Zim: It’s an Elegontron. These things know every turn and path of the dense planet forests.

Dib (scratching his head): Do planets have forests?

Zim: You’re standing in one now.

Dib: Man, I hate you.

Zim: Same with me. (Gets on the Elegontron) Now come, Dib. Ride the creature! Ride!

Dib (getting onto the Elegontron): Oh shut up you—

GIR (yelling sadly): You’re doing it again!

Zim and Dib (slapping their faces): Eurgh…

Scene switches to the Elegontron’s feet pounding the dust. Camera slowly moves upward to Zim, Dib and GIR on its back. Zim is at the head, using the creature’s ears to steer it; Dib is behind Zim, and GIR is in the way back, messing with the creature’s tail.

They stop at the trees near the waterfall. Zim, Dib and GIR hop off it as the Elegontron thunders on towards the lagoon near the edge.

Dib (dusting himself off): Well, now what?

Zim: I think we should—

Before he can finish his sentence, his communicator device pops out without warning again. The Leader of Them All appears on the screen, but instead of looking calm, as she did before, she now looks panic-stricken. Her hair is mussed and her wings are bent.

Leader of Them All (nervously and quickly): You have a new task awaiting you. The Fogdog Leader has been told that you were on our side and that you escaped. He decided to finish the universe once and for all and sent out… THEM!

Zim: What is ‘Them’?

Leader of Them All (same voice tone): No time to explain. You’ll find out sooner or later. But right now everyone needs your help. Save them. Save the galaxy!

Dib: Wait! If you won’t tell them to us, what are they?

Leader of Them All: Well, they’re—YAAAAHHH!

The device fades, then goes blank. It takes itself back into Zim’s backpack. Zim and Dib stare at each other, with the same panic-stricken look as the Leader of Them All’s. After a long silence, Dib speaks.

Dib: Houston, we have a problem.