When we last left our heroes, they were flying towards Pluto. Ahem… Now in continuing, they’ve landed safely on Pluto (planet of Dogs) and are in the middle of a barren, dry cold landscape.

GIR: What’re we doin’ here?

Dib: Does he always forget like this?

Zim: You don’t know the HALF of it, Earthen…um… (Glances at Dib’s new ears and tails) Aw, forget it. I can’t call you an earthen slug because you have Grand High Cat DNA.

Dib: So do you…


Zim: Yeah, but that still qualifies me as an alien. I WILL rule the Earth. After I save the galaxy first.

GIR: Oh… wait… they’re blue. (Pauses) BLUE PIGGIES! YAY!

Dib: In your dreams! You’re not even at a high rank!

GIR: Oh…wait a second… they’ve got long ears and straight tails. (Pauses again) LONG-EARED, STRAIGHT-TAILED, BLUE PIGGIES! YAY!

Zim: Well, YOU aren’t even an alien! I’d like to see you TRY to rule any kind of planet, ANYWHERE!

GIR: Ooh…they have yellow eyes and huge teeth too. (Pauses yet again) YELLOW-EYED, HUGE-TEETHED, LONG-EARED, STRAIGHT-TAILED, BLUE PIGGIES! YAY!

Dib: Ruling planets is DIRTY WORK!

GIR: Uh-oh. Wait. They don’t look like piggies now that they’re closer. They look more like dogs. Blue dogs with fog and teeth.

Zim: Well, in my language, trying to stop me is DIRTY WORK, Dib! (Mutters) I am SO sick of calling him just Dib. Where’s the insultation?

GIR (tugging on Dib’s jacket and Zim’s shirt. The FogDog are somewhere in the background, crouched down low in the fog): Master! Um… Person thing! I think we’re in tr—

Zim and Dib (turning around to look at GIR): Will you stay out of this?

GIR: Very well…

GIR backs up. The FogDog creatures crouch down lower into the fog and dust. There is a close shot at the one of the creatures’ eyes. It is a pale yellow on the outside and deeper yellow inside. A reflection of Zim and Dib is inside the eye.

Zim (looking around): Well, I guess that those shrimps the FogDogs didn’t show up on fear that we might whip them. Guess we’d better just tell the Leader of Them All that all is—OH HOLY!

Scene switches to a huge FogDog, its mouth open to reveal rows of glistening white teeth, jumping up and leaping out of the fog at them. It lunges at Dib. Dib knows that the end is near but his reflexes tell him to jump out of the way. He crouches down on all fours, then a sort of hissing sound comes from his throat and he makes a flying leap out of the way, rebounding off the edge of a rock and landing on his feet.

The FogDog hits the dust and rolls on its back. It snarls then jumps back up and starts bounding across the landscape towards Dib. On the final bound, it curls its paws up toward it and leaps up into the air.

Scene switches to Dib, who is still on all fours. He looks down and sees a huge shadow in his path. Then he looks up and sees the FogDog about to body slam him. He growls then leaps up towards the FogDog.

GIR: What’s he doing?

Zim: Dib! Get out of that THING’S way! … Ugh, he must be nuts.

Scene switches back to Dib and the FogDog. There’s a short slow motion as they leap towards each other, then at the last second, Dib shoots past and slashes the FogDog across its face. The FogDog wails, then falls to the ground, clutching its face. Dib swishes his tails and makes a low meow- growl sound.

Zim (calling across the landscape): DIB! What the heck did you think you were doing?

Dib (blinking): Um, I’m not sure. I had to. (Gets back up) Man, that was weird. I had no control over my senses. They told me to threaten the FogDog, and I did. But it was cool. Man, did you see when I slashed it? (Slashes the air with his claws) Man, I loved that part!

Zim: Yes, we were standing here watching you slash it. Well done. (Walks over to Dib) But I just hope that no one else was with the FogDog when you were here. Right, GIR?

There is no answer. Zim turns around.

Zim: GIR? (Looks around) Now where did that dimwitted machine head off to? Mannit, if it’s not one thing, it’s the other!

Dib: Actually, did you hear a scuffing noise when I slashed the FogDog across the face?

Zim (perking his ears): Yeah. Why?

Dib: I’m supposing that there was another FogDog here when I was fighting the first one. It might’ve seen us and carried GIR off so we would…

Zim (finishing Dib’s sentence): …Follow them to their base. But where IS their base is my question.

Dib: That’s funny. Why would they want us to follow them to their base?

Zim: I dunno… (Perks his ears again) Hey!

Dib: What?

Zim (lowering his right ear and perking his left): Sound waves! We must be able to sense them with this new hearing technique!

Dib: What do you hear?

Zim: Something from a larger one… Uh huh… Wait a minute…

Dib: Huh? (Perks his ears) "Lock it up. We’ll be ready." (Lowers his ears and looks at Zim) What does THAT mean?

Zim (lowering his ears also): Well, it might mean that they are going to lock up GIR so we’ll follow them to their base to rescue him. Then they’ll probably have some kind of dangerous booby trap waiting for us when we get there. But… We’ll be ready for them. (Smirks) We just need some kind of navigator.

Dib looks out on the landscape and sees three armored horses galloping towards them. On their backs are… three FogDog creatures. Dib flattens his ears and hisses, then shakes his head and turns to Zim.

Dib (in a frightened tone): I think we just found some.

Zim: What the heck are you—

The FogDog creatures dismount their horses and bound towards them. Dib and Zim are in the front as they come closer and closer.

Dib: Look, there are more creatures. I’ll bet they’re back for more after what that one saw. They know we’re part of the Grand High Cat tribe, just LOOK! (He holds up his tails.)

Zim: Dib, I know when these are coming. I don’t believe you for a second, because they’re—YAH!

The FogDog creatures leap up into the air as Zim is saying this and pin them both down.

FogDog 1#: Thought you could get away, eh? Well, you won’t be going anywhere for a while. We’ll see to THAT.

Dib: Now do you believe me?

Zim: NOW I believe you.