{ Being the fun guy that he is, of course Jhonen Vasquez is gonna insert references into "Invader Zim!" This section is devoted to pointing them out and laughing. The references may not be that direct, but if they are within a somewhat logical reasoning, send them to me and I'll post them up! Please don't send repeats, but if you have a correction or can expand on something, please do.

from Bailey Anne:
{ In "Germs" we all know that two familiar faces are sitting in the restaraunt. There's some papers between them and on one of them the title of the first Zim episode, "The Nightmare Begins," can be seen.

from Shiftimon:
{ In "Walk of Doom," Filler Bunny is on the dashboard of the bus.

from Kez:
{ The sign in the nurse's office reads "We Need Your Blood". { In "Career Day", there's a poster on the wall of the workers' side of the counter that has a picture of a typical McMeaties worker that says "SMILE! OR WE'LL FIRE YOU!" { The monkey that Zim has a picture of hanging above his couch first appears on Conventia!

from ME:
{ Well, one thing, when Vasquez is in the Wettening he's reading a comic that looks like a version of Happy Noodle Boy. :3 (Kasey, too.)

{ Vasquez likes signs with odd sayings on them. One that I saw was "STOP MAKING BABIES!" from "Walk of Doom." It's not as bad as what he has in his comics, (like "Your stomach will hate you!" or "You'll pee fire!"), but still kinda fun to see.

{ In "Walk of Doom," above Zim is a big and very obvious black billboard with "Z?" on it. A Vasquez catch . . .

{ This is a stretch BUT when Frank shows up in "Attack of the Saucer Morons," he is wearing a T-shirt with a moon on it. The MST3K logo was a moon with the title on it. ^^;; A stretch, as I said, but . . . so what, I'm a MSTie, I'll believe it if I want.

{ Filler Bunny is in "Dark Harvest." He was in a preservation jar that was smashed by a kick ball.

from Apricot the Gerbil:
{ The appearance of "SQUEE!"'s Ms. Bitters and the Skool.

{ "Ice Sucky" is the slushee GIR eats -- "Ice Sucky" being the "real-world" equivalent of BFs in Jhonen's two autobiographical "Meanwhile" comics; see JTHM issue #6.)

{ Bill's consipiracy theories in "Career Day" have been brought up by Jhonen before (with Count Cocofang and Frankenchokey); he has alluded to a theory of the horror that would befall the world if Frankenberry, Count Chocula, and Boo Berry all combined forces to make a super-demon of tooth decay at least twice in his inside-comic-panel notes, one of the more noticeable times being that in the Publication Rights word-box on the JTHM Director's Cut book.
from me, the webmistress, the exact words, just 'coz it's fun and I CAN:
"Now, I mentioned this before, but I am REALLY serious: WHAT IF Count Chocula, Frakenberry, AND Booberry joined forces and become one? What kind of abomination of supernature would result from such a grouping?!! Do you even think of this at all? How do you sleep with the prospect of this happening? I'm feeling dizzy. I think I will go lie down now. Printed in Canada."

{ Incidentally, this might be even more of a stretch for connection than the rest of these, but the billboard advertising Count CocoFang cereal in the crop-circled field Dib and Bill visit in 'Career Day', saying "I Want to Suck Your Fudge!", sounds alarmingly similar to one of the most off-colour mini-stories found in Jhonen's "Bad Art Collection". I won't describe the story, for decency's sake, but I will point out that the moose-beaver-vampire character involved in the B.A.C. story said on the comic's last page that he didn't *really* do what he seemed to be doing in his previous appearance a few pages before...he was using fudge instead. O_o

{ A billboard is seen facing the Skoolgrounds in 'The Wettening': "Drink POOP!!" { In "Attack of the Saucer Morons", look carefully at the girls waving when GIR's being dropped off at Zim's house after going to a rave: there's a laughing, purple-haired girl that pops out into view right before the car drives off, one that looks suspiciously like the character Devi from Jhonen's recent comic, "I Feel Sick".
ME: But would she leave her apartment to dance with a puppy? Hmmm . . .

{ Finally, in "The Wettening", there's one reeeally subtle thing that happens when Jhonen's caricature chokes on his piranha fish: A while back, Jhonen reportedly suffered a nasty gash to his hand-- in fact, I've seen a few sites with convention photos wherein he's sporting a hand-brace. However, he never mentioned *how* he cut his hand...Now, jump back to the Jhonen Chokes mini-scene: as he grabs his chest and sputters, his hand squeezes the water glass so hard that the glass shatters. Hmm...

{ If you have anymore tell me and I'll add your finding. It'll mostly be reprinted word-for-word, unless if you have bad grammar and all, then I'll be forced to retype it. You can also go to the forum for Zim and post under the topic "PLEASE POST THINGS THAT YOU NOTICE HERE."

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